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Food therapy
Chinese doctor: How to be a proud picky eater – choose you own meat
The concept of medicine-food homology and medicinal dishes has been an ancient Chinese culture. Not only to fill one’s belly, food also plays an important role in regulating health imbalance. The key is to choose appropriate foods which suits one’s body condition and at the right timing. In terms of Chinese medicine…
Relieve your prolonged tiredness with TCM
Having a vigorous life sounds like a myth to the citizens nowadays. More citizens suffer from ‘suboptimal health’, an adverse outcome of bad living habits including long term stress, nutrition deficiency and lack of sleep and rest. Though medical researches claimed that…
Words/Hints to Mother-to-be
Three postpartum tips for childbirth-recovery
Postpartum period is an essential period to mothers. Yet, only mothers in Asian countries follow the tradition of ‘sitting month’ after giving birth, i.e. a set of diet and lifestyle restrictions practiced after partum for recovery of mothers’ body; while women in western countries already resume work several days soon after the labour. In fact, ……


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