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Vita Green

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  1. Vita Hair

    Special Price HK$449.00

    Regular Price: HK$528.00

    Improves blood circulation and nutrient supply to the hair follicles and strengthens the kidneys to restore colour and thickness to thin, greying hair.

    Package: Set   

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  2. Vita Hair Instant Cereal

    Special Price HK$169.00

    Regular Price: HK$199.00

    - Including black sesame and chia seed, providing daily nutrition for black hair
    - Packed in individual sachets, easy to eat and carry on the go

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  3. Vita Green VessoBest

    Special Price HK$359.00

    Regular Price: HK$479.00

    Vita Green VessoBest is formulated to enhance cardiovascular health. It is made from premium Yunnan Wenshan Panax notoginseng combined with authentic Salvia militiorhiza and Cratargi pinnatifida, which can help restore vessel elasticity.

    - Natural ingredients
    - Restore blood vessel elasticity
    - Clear blood vessel waste
    - Enhance cardiovascular health
    - This product may assist in stabilizing cholesterol
    - Safe and reliable, product has passed 100 tests
    - Made in Hong Kong

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  4. PressureBest

    Special Price HK$389.00

    Regular Price: HK$599.00

    Vita Green "PressureBest" may help stabilize blood pressure. The product is extracted from a variety of natural Chinese herbal medicine 360o for the problem of high vascular index. It uses pure and authentic Pueraria lobata, which has been proven to help improve cardiovascular health. It also adds rose and chrysanthemum to help relieve agitation and provide you with a comprehensive light pressure. Learn More
  5. Anti House Dust Mite Spray 150 ml

    Special Price HK$159.00

    Regular Price: HK$169.00

    Anti House Dust Mite Spray was specially formulated with natural essential oils by experienced physicians to eliminate house dust mites and prevent them from infesting household items such as beddings, mattresses, clothes, shoes, towels etc. Proven to be effective in repelling house dust mites and keeping them away for as long as 96 hours+. Safe and reliable, and insecticide-free

    - Proven efficacious in eliminating house dust mites
    - Composed of natural essential oils
    - No insecticide added, safe and reliable
    - Suitable for eczema and sensitive skin
    - Suitable for babies and pets

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  6. Water Reduction Jelly

    Special Price HK$159.00

    Regular Price: HK$209.00

    - Strengthens the spleen and dispels dampness
    - Alleviates facial and body swelling
    - Reduce water retention and toxins from the body

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  7. Ultra Burn 28 Sachets

    Special Price HK$459.00

    Regular Price: HK$519.00

    Two exclusive formulas – Ultra BvrnTM and SlimmBoostTM

    Combat stubborn body fat and reduce fat accumulation in the body
    Limit the formation of fat in the body
    Reactivates the metabolic system, enhancing your body’s ability to burn and break down fat molecules

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  8. Energy Plus

    Special Price HK$299.00

    Regular Price: HK$499.00

    - Instantly recharge and refresh one’s spirit
    - Refreshing effect will be apparent 30 minutes after consumption*
    - The refreshing effect will last for 5 hours*
    - No caffeine added non-addictive formula

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  9. 3+5 PRE PRO BIOTICS ™ 28 Sachets

    Special Price HK$359.00

    Regular Price: HK$459.00

    - Promotes bowel movements, relieves bloating and detoxifies the body
    - Helps maintain a healthy balance of gut microflora
    - Improves digestive health and overall immunity

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    Special Price HK$199.00

    Regular Price: HK$239.00

    Smaller Molecules, Easier Absorption, Effective Results

    - Uses low-molecular weight collagen peptides imported from Germany to stimulate the body’s production of collagen
    - 3 Main ingredients to rejuvenate and nourish the skin from the inside, giving you a more youthful and radiant complexion
    - Powerful antioxidants that improves and brightens overall skin tone

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