Fortified ISee 40s

Fortified ISee 40s

40 Capsules

-Nourish eye fatigue and dryness
-Improve eye sight
-Maintain high visual sensitivity
-Provide eye nutrients

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Fortified ISee 40s
Vita Green Fortified I SeeTM is formulated with precious natural Chinese and Western herbs based on medical grounds. Compared with general eye health supplements, Vita Green Fortified I SeeTM offers a more comprehensive eye protection, helping to relieve eye fatigue, enhance eye sight, prevent damage from harmful blue-rays and early aging of eyes. It is a daily requirement for eye heath.

Eye Degeneration happens everyday Electronics screen hurts eyes sight
-Strong blue ray emission is harmful to eye sight
-Flashing screen forces pupil to keep adjusting. Constant eye motion accelerates eye fatigue
-Focusing on the screens lowers the frequency of eye blinking. Eye dryness is easily resulted Contact lens
-Wearing contact lens for more than 8 hours can easily trigger eye dryness and even blurred vision
-Fashion/colored contact lens could easily cause dry eyes and cornea infection Aging and vision degeneration
-Eye nutrients depletion caused by natural degeneration or other health problems
-Aging liver and kidneys would easily affect eye health LASIK and eye surgery
-Pupil will be enlarged during eye surgery and that may loosen eye focus onto the macular area of the central retina after eye surgery
-Lack of nutrients lowers eye acuity Zeaxanthin & Lutein are essential With basic structures such as cornea, iris, lens, etc., eyes detect and regulate the brightness of the surrounding environment.

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