Yunzhi Essence 60's

Yunzhi Essence 60's

60 Capsules

Yunzhi is a precious mushroom that research has shown can help seriously ill patients have a better chance of survival. Studies show it deters unwelcome cell replication and alleviates side effects of clinical treatments such as mouth ulcers, vomiting and loss of appetite.

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Yunzhi Essence 60's
University research into wild Yunzhi harvested by Vita Green showed an extract of the fungus significantly deterred unwelcome cellular growth in the blood, lung, liver and large intestine. It has also been clinically proven to reduce the incidence of side effects such as mouth ulcers and vomiting during hospital treatments. Patients’ appetites improve and energy levels may be boosted. Yunzhi Essence contains the pure extract of top grade wild Yunzhi that are rich in proteins, lipids, polysaccharides PSK/PSP, peptiglucans, triterpenoids, lignin, amino acids and trace elements, all of which can strengthen bodily functions. Proprietary low temperature technology is used to effectively extract the active ingredients, meaning  Yunzhi Essence contains exceptionally high bioactives and is readily absorbed by the human body.  Please see this study for more information.

Stories from real users of Vita Green Yunzhi Essence

“I take Vita Green Yunzhi for 10 years to keep my Life!” (translated from Chinese)
I have been taking Vita Green Yunzhi for 10 years, after being diagnosed with severe breast ailment in 2000. A nurse recommended I take Vita Green Yunzhi before undergoing chemotherapy, and I believe it helped me to complete the whole course of treatment. I have tried reducing the dosage, but found I lost my appetite and felt less energetic. I also noticed that patients who did not take Vita Green Yunzhi experienced different symptoms from me. Usually they suffered from a poor complexion and were less healthy than I was. Now I take four capsules every day, and I treat it like health insurance. Although we are all suffering financially because of the economic downturn, for me Vita Green Yunzhi is an essential purchase. -Ms. So, Breast Ailment Patient

“I am not afraid because of Vita Green Yunzhi Essence!”
If I didn’t take Vita Green Yunzhi, I don’t think I would be here today. I am 62 years old and was diagnosed with severe lung ailment last year. The doctor told me I had six months to live. Then I saw a newspaper advertisement for Vita Green Yunzhi, and decided to buy a box to help prepare myself for chemotherapy. I believe Vita Green Yunzhi really works. I take three capsules, twice a day. As I am retired, my finances are tight. But I think for the benefits I get from Vita Green Yunzhi, the price is fair. It’s a good quality product and the company has high moral standards. I am really happy and relieved that I am still alive and my illness is under control. I don’t even have to visit the doctor so much any more. -Johnny, Lung Ailment Patient

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