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  1. Multivitamin for Hair, Nail & Skin

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Provides optimal dosage of vitamin H, other vitamins, minerals and trace elements for healthy growth of hair, nail and skin
    -Strengthens brittle hair and nails

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  2. Multivitamin for Children (Chewable)

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Enhances immunity
    -Optimal dosage promotes brain, eye, bone and teeth development
    -Fructose based tablet
    -Suitable for children aged 2 or above

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  3. Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Enhances normal growth of brain and nervous development
    -Protects against cardiovascular events
    -Strengthens immunity

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  4. Men's Power Formula (Maca)

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Extracted from Peruvian Black Maca
    -Replenishes male energy and vitality
    -Promotes mental alertness
    -Enhances male performance and confidence
    -Natural and safe

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  5. EyeBerries ® (Blueberry + Bilberry)

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Combines natural European Bilberry and American Blueberry extracts
    -Soothes tired, blurred and red eyes
    -Replenishes nutrients for eyes and improves visual functions
    -Suitable for frequent users of computers and mobile phones

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  6. Vita Lift Lingzhi Collagen Drink (*NOT SUITABLE FOR MACAU)

    Special Price HK$399.00

    Regular Price: HK$599.00

    Vita Lift is formulated with 100% premium Five-Colour (Six-Type) wild lingzhi and 10,000mg Collagen
    -Helps prevent skin from aging
    -Protects skin against dryness, oxidation and wrinkles
    -Enhances elasticity and moisture level of your skin

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  7. Lingzhi Combo Set (Buy 6)

    Special Price HK$3,774.00

    Regular Price: HK$4,194.00

    Lingzhi Combo Set (Buy 6) includes
    - 6 boxes of  "Vita Green Lingzhi "72 Capsules
    - Additional 6 boxes of  "Vita Green Lingzhi "10 Capsules
    - Additional 1 bottle of " Herba Precious" 6 Capsules

    *Shipping to US

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  8. Blocked Nose

    Special Price HK$299.00

    Regular Price: HK$319.00

    Due to heavy pollution, many people have blocked nose problems. Sometimes, it is difficult to know whether the problem is due to colds, allergy or sinus. Containing natural herbs, and Vita Green Blocked Nose is tailor-made for these people. It helps relieve blocked nose, decrease mucosal swelling of nose, enhances flow of mucus, and enables one to breathe smoothly.

    -Helps relieves runny nose, sneezing and nasal congestion
    -Helps you breathe smoothly

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  9. Detox 72’s

    Special Price HK$319.00

    Regular Price: HK$349.00

    This formula helps speed up gut movement, maintains a healthy gastrointestinal balance, helps remove toxins from the body, helps relieve bloated stomach, tiredness, and help improves facial spots and skin conditions.

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  10. Lingzhi

    Special Price HK$629.00

    Regular Price: HK$699.00

    Increases the body's antioxidant levels, strengthens the immune system, helps protect kidney cells and may posses anti-ageing properties such as increasing appetite and energy levels, reducing white hair and age spots, and aiding sleep.

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