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  1. Multivitamin for Children (Chewable)

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Enhances immunity
    -Optimal dosage promotes brain, eye, bone and teeth development
    -Fructose based tablet
    -Suitable for children aged 2 or above

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  2. Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Enhances normal growth of brain and nervous development
    -Protects against cardiovascular events
    -Strengthens immunity

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  3. Men's Power Formula (Maca)

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Extracted from Peruvian Black Maca
    -Replenishes male energy and vitality
    -Promotes mental alertness
    -Enhances male performance and confidence
    -Natural and safe

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  4. Multivitamin for Women

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Contains optimal daily dosage of vitamins and minerals
    -Replenishes iron and improves complexion
    -Enhances immunity and vitality
    -Strengthens bones and joints
    -Rejuvenates and prevents aging

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  5. Vitamin B Complex  

    - Specially formulated by physician
    - Promotes brain health
    - Relieves fatigue and tension
    - Natural Vitamin B12 (cyanide-free)

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  6. Lingzhi Combo Set (Buy 6)

    Special Price HK$3,774.00

    Regular Price: HK$4,194.00

    Lingzhi Combo Set (Buy 6) includes
    - 6 boxes of  "Vita Green Lingzhi "72 Capsules
    - Additional 6 boxes of  "Vita Green Lingzhi "10 Capsules
    - Additional 1 bottle of "Extra Strength Uricsil 10 Capsules

    *Shipping to US

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  7. Vita Mama Calcium

    -Fortifies fetal bone and infant dental development
    -Maintains bone health during pregnancy
    -Prevents back pain and nighttime leg cramps

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  8. Vitalize for Men

    Special Price HK$438.00

    Regular Price: HK$499.00

    “Vitalize for Men” envelops a variety of Chinese herbs that nourish kidneys, promote kidney health, benefit chi and blood generation. It helps replenish masculine strength, improve stamina and thus boost men’s confidence. Learn More
  9. Cysticlean

    Special Price HK$299.00

    Regular Price: HK$329.00

    -PAC scientifically documented to be the active in cranberries. -Highest active concentrated ingredient available. -Expert in maintenance of urinary system. -Natural, safe, drug free. -Try today- for your bladder comfort. Learn More
  10. Vita Hair Instant Cereal (Black Sesame & Chia Seed)

    Special Price HK$179.00

    Regular Price: HK$199.00

    Give your hair all the nutrients it needs
    -Including black sesame and chia seed, providing daily nutrition for black hair
    -Packed in individual sachets, easy to eat and carry on the go

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21-30 of 67

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