Promotion Period: 10th September,2010 - 30th September,2010

Applicable to:

1. Vita Hair Average HK$351 each
One day only 20-Sep-2010 Monday

On the 20th of September, 2010 buy 4 boxes of「Vita Hair」at at the price of HK$1404 !!
On average HK$351 each ! (Original price: HK$468 each)


2. Mid-Autumn Lingzhi Gift Box
100 boxes Limited

Mid-Autumn Lingzhi Gift Box inclues
- 2 boxes of 「Vita Green Lingzhi
- Mid-Autumn Gift Box
- Canadian Ginseng (18g)
HK$1068 each with Free Delivery


3. Everyday Crazy Sale

21-Sep Tuesday Doctor's Choice Aloe Vera
Special:HK$89 (Original:HK$128) (30% OFF)
22-Sep Wednesday Vita Yin Yang 30 capsules
Special:HK$209 (Original:HK329.9) (36.6% OFF)
23-Sep Thursday Doctor's Choice Melatonin
Special:HK$139 (Original:HK$198) (30% OFF)
24-Sep Friday Vita Hair Tonic
Special:HK$298 (Original:HK$350) (15% OFF)
25-Sep Saturday Bird's Nest Fortified
Special:HK$408 (Original:HK$580) (30% OFF)
26-Sep Sunday Vita Calm 20capsules
Special:HK$129 (Original:HK$166) (22% OFF)
Discount Every Day Free Delivery*