A Report on the Effectiveness of Yun Zhi as a Cure for Tumors World-renowned Authority on Oncology to Report on the Effectiveness of Yun Zhi as a Cure for Tumors:

On the 21st of May, Dr. Pedro Gascon, world-renowned oncologist who has published over 160 articles in medical journals, announced to the press that he is now conducting clinical trials using Yun Zhi on tumor patients. On that same evening he was also invited by the Hong Kong College of Physicians to share his experience with Yun Zhi.

There have been over 7,000 clinical trial reports on the medicinal value of Yun Zhi, and many of these reports found that Yun Zhi is useful in preventing relapses and metastasis of tumors in the first, second, as well as terminal stages of cancer. These findings sparked the interest of Dr. Gascon who began to clinically test Yun Zhi as a cancer cure. Having discovered first-hand the clinical value of Yun Zhi, he decided to conduct a clinical trial on Yun Zhi in two university hospitals in Spain. He demanded that the Yun Zhi product he studied be standardized in quality and quantity and has batch to batch consistency. He finally decided to use the Yun Zhi product supplied by GMP certified Vita Green Pharmaceutical Company.

Also speaking on that day was Prof. Chen Xiao Jun of Cancer Institute Cancer Centre of Sun Yat-Sen University, and she reported on the effect of Yun Zhi on the suppression of telomerase. Statistics of her research study show that Yun Zhi (supplied by Vita Green) has significant effect on inhibiting the growth of telomerase in the liver tumor tissues of baby mice. At the same time, it was demonstrated that Yun Zhi’s ability to suppress tumor cell growth occurred in 75% of the cases of liver tumor in baby mice, and suppress S-180 in baby mice in 70% of the cases. These statistics correlate Yun Zhi’s tumor suppression element with its ability to inhibit telomerase. “Telomerase are live tissues at the cells’ end. They have the function of controlling infinite growth of these cells. If telomerase loses this inhibitive function, then malignant cells will multiply, forming tumors,” explained Prof. Chen.

In present medical world, the combined use of Western and Eastern treatment is growing popular. Patients receiving Western therapies or treatments also use Chinese medicines to supplement their treatments, as Chinese medicines traditionally are effective on the long term strengthening of the body constitution and reducing the side effects of the more aggressive Western medicines and treatments. Wild Yunzhi Essence (supplied by Vita Green), a concentration of Wild Yun Zhi, has been clinically proven to possess very high therapeutic values in relieving patients of their treatment side effects such as ulcers in the oral cavity and vomiting. It can also slow down patients’ hair loss, improve their appetite, and enhance their sense of well-being during the treatment.

Forticur™, a ground breaking milk drink made from top grade Yun Zhi and a balanced dosage of various nutrients needed by the human body, is the latest innovation by Vita Green. It is effective in boosting the immune system of long term patients, helping them combat the side effects brought on by treatments, and subsequently improving their over all well-being during treatment stage. Forticur™ has been released already in the European market and is becoming popular among patients, helping them to reduce side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and improve their quality of life.