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  1. Vita Hair

    Special Price HK$449.00

    Regular Price: HK$528.00

    Improves blood circulation and nutrient supply to the hair follicles and strengthens the kidneys to restore colour and thickness to thin, greying hair.

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  2. Vita Hair Revitalizing Tonic 100ml

    Special Price HK$315.00

    Regular Price: HK$350.00

    - Supply nutrients to hair
    - Revitalize hair follicle cells and prevent hair loss
    - Stimulate the growth of black hair
    - Regulate secretion of sebum for healthy scalp

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  3. Vita Hair Drinks

    Special Price HK$129.00

    Regular Price: HK$159.00

    - Provide nutrients to liver and kidney for the growth of healthy black hair
    - Nourish skin and maintain youthful skin complexion
    - Reduce hair loss
    - Promote hair growth

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  4. Vita Hair Revitalizing Shampoo 250ml

    Special Price HK$159.00

    Regular Price: HK$179.00

    - Stimulates blood circulation underneath the scalp to increase the flow of nutrients to hair follicles
    - Regulates sebaceous secretion, keeping your hair clean and refreshed
    - Strengthens and protects hair follicles and hence optimizes hair growth
    - Suitable for both men and women

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  5. Vita Hair Instant Cereal

    Special Price HK$169.00

    Regular Price: HK$199.00

    - Including black sesame and chia seed, providing daily nutrition for black hair
    - Packed in individual sachets, easy to eat and carry on the go

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5 Item(s)

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