Multiherb for Constipation

Multiherb for Constipation

72 Capsules

Eases digestion, nourishes the bowel, speeds up peristalsis and increases activity within the large intestine to relieve conditions such as constipation.

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Multiherb for Constipation
Busy lifestyles mean people do not always have time to sit down and eat a healthy meal. If so, their diets may be lacking in fibre. Unbalanced eating habits can put excessive strain on our digestive systems, causing an accumulation of heat in the gut, discomfort and constipation. This multiherb helps to ease digestion, nourish the bowel, speed up peristalsis and increase activity within the large intestine. Bowel movements are more regular and uncomfortable conditions such as constipation and hard stools are eased.

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