Vita Calm Spray 20ml

Vita Calm Spray 20ml

Natural Herbal Formula
- Relieve stress, enhance sleeping quality
- Restore balance of organs & body
- Safe and effective, non-addictive

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Vita Calm Spray
For people suffering from high level of stress and insomnia . By taking Vita Calm Spray, your stress will be relieved and you can sleep naturally. Vita Calm Spray is non-drowsy formula so you will be able to work normally in the daytime.

Vita Calm Spray Natural herbs
Vita Calm Spray, a blend of precious Chinese herbs, can help restore internal body function, especially on heart, kidney and liver. Improving the circulation of chi and blood can tranquilize the mind and enhance peaceful sleep.

Solve Insomnia Symptoms
Vita Calm Spray can help relieve insomnia concerns below:
Tossing and turning, frequent awakenings, frequent dreams, early awakening, anxious, weekend concentration.

Solve Insomnia Symptoms:
Longgu , Poria , Ganoderma, Angelicae Sinensis Radix, Rehmanniae Radix Praeparata

- For Stress: Apply 2-3 sprays in the mouth
- For insomnia: Apply 3-4 sprays in the mouth

*Children aged below 6: Half of the amount above

Store in cool dry area , avoid direct sunlight
Vita Calm Series
Vita Calm 60 Capsules
For people who suffered from frequent insomnia. Frequent insomnia can cause prolonged stress on health and mind. You can take 2 Capsules of Vita Calm , 2 hours before sleep.

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