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Concerned About Cholesterol

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  1. Extra Strength Uricsil

    "Vita Green Uricsil" is formulated with a blend of Chinese medicine herbs for alleviating high uric acid level. It tackles the root cause of high uric acid by clearing heat, dissipating dampness and improving chi circulation.

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  2. Lingzhi

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    Increases the body's antioxidant levels, strengthens the immune system, helps protect kidney cells and may posses anti-ageing properties such as increasing appetite and energy levels, reducing white hair and age spots, and aiding sleep.

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  3. Lecithin 1200mg

    Essential lecithin helps prevent a dangerous build-up of fat in the body and plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy nervous system, thus helping to protect against memory loss and forgetfulness. Learn More
  4. Health Support (Natural Odorless Garlic)

    -Specially formulated by physician for heart health
    -Specially extracted from vegetarian source and encapsulated in vegetarian softgels
    -Strengthens heart muscle
    -Enhances immunity
    -Suitable for those on statins, or easily fatigued

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4 Item(s)

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