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  1. Extra Strength Vita Joint

    Special Price HK$449.00

    Regular Price: HK$459.00

    Extra Strength Vita Joint alleviates symptoms including discomfort, stiffness, numbness and weakness. It is beneficial for sports injuries, old-age related joint conditions, male hip complaints and women with knee problems.

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  2. Vita Mama Calcium

    -Fortifies fetal bone and infant dental development
    -Maintains bone health during pregnancy
    -Prevents back pain and nighttime leg cramps

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  3. Vita Lift Lingzhi Collagen Drink (*NOT SUITABLE FOR MACAU)

    Special Price HK$399.00

    Regular Price: HK$599.00

    Vita Lift is formulated with 100% premium Five-Colour (Six-Type) wild lingzhi and 10,000mg Collagen
    -Helps prevent skin from aging
    -Protects skin against dryness, oxidation and wrinkles
    -Enhances elasticity and moisture level of your skin

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  4. Multivitamin for Women

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Contains optimal daily dosage of vitamins and minerals
    -Replenishes iron and improves complexion
    -Enhances immunity and vitality
    -Strengthens bones and joints
    -Rejuvenates and prevents aging

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  5. WombCare (ChasteBerry)

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Enhances women health
    -Alleviates monthly discomforts, problems, tiredness and mood swings
    -Better prepares women to welcome new life

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  6. Blood Support (Iron+Vitamin C)

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Vitamin C enhances iron absorption and utilization
    -Selected iron is less gastric irritating and better absorbed
    -Improves immunity
    -Boosts vitality
    -Enhances blood formation

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  7. VitaMama Algae DHA

    -Specially formulated by physician
    -Vegetable DHA extracted from pure algae
    -Promotes fetal development of brain, eyes and heart
    -Helps strengthen fetal memory and verbal ability
    -Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

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7 Item(s)

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