Clean Flow Berry

Clean Flow Berry

60 Tablets

Proanthcyanidins, a key ingredient found in cranberry extract, can inhibit micro-organisms from growing on the tract wall and make conditions for their growth unfavourable. Those susceptible to ailments could benefit from taking a regular cranberry supplement. Doctor’s Choice Clean Flow Berry contains one of the highest concentrations of proanthcyanidins when compared to other cranberry products.

*Products effects may vary for different persons and depend upon particular situations
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Women are prone to having difficulties in passing waters. Problems of pain and frequency in passing waters would seriously affect one’s social life and work. Experts discovered that cranberry extract is good for women’s excretory health and could competitively reduce the growth of microoganisms. · Antioxidant effect to scavenge free radical and keep you younger · Could avoid problems of frequency in passing water in females

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